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Tips for Selling Your Home

You, the seller, play a key role when it comes to selling your home. How you prepare for your sale and what you do during the sale process can make the difference in a saleable home and one that is difficult to sell. Here are a few things you can do. 

Get Rid of Clutter
People want to know they have plenty of room to put their items in your home. Get rid of unnecessary items lying around; organize closets, pick-up items left on the floor. If you need to box the items and put them at a friend's home, it will be worth the effort to make your home look roomy.

Spruce Up Outside
Manicure your yard. Sweep your side walks. Put potted plants on your porch. The outside is the first thing your potential buyers see. Make it appealing. Turn on outside lights at night to display your home even in the evening.

Spruce Up Inside
Paint, clean the carpet, change the filters on your heating and A/C unit, keep furniture polished and dusted. If your wallpaper is old and waded, consider replacing it.

Call a Plumber or Electrician
If you have leaks - get them fixed. If appliances don't work - fix them.

Shine the Tub
Make your bathrooms obviously clean and refreshing. Repair any lose caulking and split tile. Keep the room clean and fresh smelling. Put out color coordinated towels and accessories.

There's No Exception
Whether it's a kid's room or basement. Make it show for what it is in the best way possible. Hang up clothes and organize items in the room to show the best use of the room.

Kitchens Sell
Make yours shine with clean, uncluttered countertops. Put dishes, pots and pans away. Straighten up the recipe books. Clean the microwave, oven/range and refrigerator. Put baking soda in your garbage disposal to make it fresh smelling. Straighten your pantry and make it look roomy.

Open Your Home
Open the drapes and blinds (clean ones of course) and let your home feel open and bright. Turn on lights when you know a potential buyer is visiting your home.

Showing Tips
Take pets with you when you leave the home while a potential buyer is there. Turn off TVs and radios. Don't over perfume the home to make it smell too strong. People will wonder what you are covering up. Leave your home while buyers are viewing your property. At least walk outside while they're viewing it. Potential buyers want to look at your home with their own eyes.

The Best Tip of All
While your home is on the market, try to keep your home in these conditions all the all time. (That can be difficult I know). Then you won't have to go overboard or panic when someone says "I'd like to see your home."

If you have a REALTOR working with you, you can relax. We are a group of standard driven, professional folks who want to make your selling experience as short and as easy as possible. We're here to serve you.