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Tips for Finding the Right Home

Home hunting is both exciting and stressful. At times you may feel like you're dealing with both feelings at the time. Don't worry you're not alone both first time buyers and seasoned veterans can experience the same feelings. That's one of the many reasons to use an Agent to assist you. A qualified Agent can help relieve the stress and make the experience a joy. They can answer questions, do most of the 'leg work', manage the buying process and get you to 'closing' on your new home in the timeframe you desire. 

Rule #1 - Do not rush out and look at homes.
No matter what the reason for your move or how quickly you need to move, you can take simple steps prior to actually seeing homes that will take most of the stress and frustration out of your buying experience.

1. Significantly strengthen your offer
Begin the mortgage application process by getting prequalifed or preapproved. This action significantly strengthens your negotiating and offer when you find the right home.

2. Make a list
What do you need in a home? What do you want in a home? What are your desires in a home? What do you NOT want in a home? Having these items categorized helps put each home in perspective. It allows you to compare. Sometimes, getting all needs, wants and desires met equals too many $$$$s. The list will remind you what you really need and help in defining what you are willing to give up to get the right home at the right price for you.

3. Establish an Agent Relationship
Meet with your Agent. Authorize a Buyer Agency Agreement. Then review your financial qualifications, your needs, wants and desires in a home. If you have specific locations in mind, be sure to share those, too. Establish a desired timeline for your move. Then let them go to work for you.

4. Preview Homes
If the prework has been done, this is a delightful experience because your Agent is taking you to see homes that meet your requirements within your price range. The choice is up to you.

5. Make an Offer
If you know a particular home is right for you. Make an offer - don't delay! Stress and frustration can run high when you finally decide on a home and find out someone else has purchased it.

6. Work through the Closing Process
Once your offer has been accepted, complete the remaining requirements of your lender, and make preparations to move. A good Realtor will walk you through this process, including inspections; schedule the closing, walk through your home before closing, and be there to make sure all goes smoothly.

7. Closing
This is when you close on your loan, make the rest of a down payment, pay closing costs, sign all necessary documents, and get the keys to your new home. Be sure to bring a photo ID and a cashiers check or checkbook.

8. Move In and Enjoy!
You have just made one of the bigger purchases of your life! Enjoy! Oh, and be sure to invite your Realtor over to see your new digs!